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aqua stockings

The Aquastocking

The Aquastocking

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Looking for a swim cap for black hair that provides non-slip coverage at the beach, water parks, and swim classes? Look no further than the Aquastocking! Designed to fit all hair types, including locs, braids, extensions, and natural hair, this swim cap keeps your hair protected. Whether you're on a cruise or enjoying other adventures, the Aquastocking is the perfect swim cap for black hair.


The Aquastocking is suitable for all hair types.


With our eco-friendly, odorless, and non-toxic materials, you can now swim without worrying about the damage caused by chlorine, salt water, or rain.



The Aquastocking comes in two sizes.



Size Large fits both adults and children with hair going past the ears or shoulders. Perfect for those with long, medium, or short hair.


Size Extra Large fits adults with hair going past the mid-back. Perfect for those with thick hair that is medium length or long. 



If you have any doubts about which size to choose, it's always best to opt for the extra large size to ensure a comfortable fit.



Aquastockings are lightweight and durable, with a soft and comfortable feeling, making them easy and flexible to wear. They can be stretched to more than double their original size, allowing for a snug fit that stays in place.



In addition to swimming, the Aquastocking can also double as large shower caps, making them the perfect bathing caps for those with dreadlocks and braids. 



All Aquastockings come in a reusable package, making them convenient and easy to travel with.

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