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Kids Swim Cap

Kids Swim Cap | Aquastocking

$24.99 USD

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About the Swim Cap


Medium Swim Cap ( for ages 10+ )

  • Medium swim cap for kids and teenagers with braids, twists, afros, natural hair, dreadlocks, extensions, curly hair or locs. Suitable for adults with short or neck length hair


  • Keeps your hair dry & protected from salt water, rain or chlorine


  • The swimming cap can be taken off quickly and easily without snagging the hairline and be stretched to more than double its original size


  • Soft Feeling, Comfortable, and Flexible


  • Eco-friendly, Odourless, & Non-toxic


  • Use daily in the shower or to go swimming


  • Comes in a reusable package for convenience and travel


  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to wear