Featured in ELLE • Aug '17 - Aquastockings

Featured in ELLE • Aug '17


swim cap for long hair 

"We applaud indie swim brand Aquastockings for creating swim caps designed to fit over braids and dreads." - ELLE Magazine


Being featured in a prestigious magazine such as Elle is a significant milestone for any brand, and it was no different for Aquastockings when it was featured in the 2017 issue. The feature highlighted the innovative and inclusive approach that our brand had taken towards swim caps. The caps were designed to cater to a market that was often overlooked, people with braids and locs, and the positive feedback from Elle was a testament to our brand's effort.

Being recognized by such a reputable publication not only boosted our brand's credibility and visibility but also helped Aquastockings to reach a new audience. The feature also validated our approach and encouraged us to keep pushing boundaries in the industry. It was a moment of pride for the entire team, and it motivated us to continue creating swimwear products that cater to people of all hair types and textures. Overall, being featured in Elle magazine was a defining moment for Aquastockings.

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